The Real Housewives of Vancouver Cast Blog: Jody Claman

Following each episode, a cast member of The Real Housewives of Vancouver will blog about their experience on the show for For the third episode, Jody Claman discusses why she prefers natural remedies instead of plastic surgery, what she really thinks of Christina and how her lifestyle differs from that of the other housewives.

I love who I am. Plastic surgery is a personal preference. I think that your body is a gift. You’re the one person you’re going to know the best and I don’t want to alter anything. I’m not perfect by any means. My lips are who I am and I don’t want to alter that.

Christina’s lifestyle makes her look older than she really is. She really is 30. She’s very busy. She thinks that sex is fast food. She’s got the golden arches above her bed! She’s serving men!

Ronnie was sensitive in this episode about her drinking. That’s because she’s just come out of rehab. I feel as though Mary should have been a better friend to her. She wasn’t being that supportive because she just kept giving her more booze. It’s a volatile friendship. It’s one that I don’t understand. Some people do have those types of friendships – I can’t judge it. I don’t have friends like that. I do have some friends that think I have issues with chocolate and I appreciate it when they’ll tell me, “Don’t eat that chocolate – it’s not a good idea.” Friends do have to babysit each other at times.

My life is a really busy, active life. I’m an incredible mom. I cook dinner, we travel a ton and belong to all sorts of private clubs. My kids go to private schools. We just have a very different lifestyle than that of Mary, Reiko and Christina. Those are all lifestyles that I can’t even relate to – but I can’t judge it, right?

When I’m not mucking around as a mother and wife, I’m full time in my shops. I put in probably a 15-hour day of working. I get up and I have to drive one of my daughters to private school across town and that takes me an hour each way – but it’s an education choice. She comes back and then I have to take her to Mandarin lessons – we’re busy!

My eldest daughter Mia and I are very very close. She has a big personality like me and we both over-talk each other, which gets us very frustrated. It’s a normal tumultuous mother/daughter relationship. It’s trying at times because we do work together – and we work long hours. She’s comes from a different generation. I’m quite proper in my thought process while she believes that she shouldn’t have to work as hard because I’ve paved the road – which frustrates me.

Regarding Christina saying things against Mia, I really don’t know where that came from. Nobody else’s children were discussed on the show and I don’t know why Mia was targeted by Christina. I don’t like it when other people judge my children.

I would never socialize with people like this outside of the show. I just wouldn’t. I’m not being cruel – I’m really busy and by the time my day at work ends, I want to spend the rest of my time with my family or my very few good friends. People like Christina, who made income by two divorces – that’s just not my cup of tea. Do I dislike her? No. But would I associate myself with her outside the show? No, I wouldn’t.

There’s also a huge age difference. I’m 50, she’s 30. She attracts much different things in her life that I do. I’m very spiritual. I love to read, write and work. We’re just very different people. Would I like to guide her? For sure.

I didn’t want to go to her birthday party but I was forced to go. I knew that they would drink copious amounts of alcohol and get nude! I knew it! It always happens. I don’t want to be a part of that. But do I care that they do it? No. People can do what they want.

I’ve never been in situations like this. If I have a dirty secret, it’s something that I’ll take with me to the grave. But the girls want to talk about it – and when you give them your opinion, they’re offended by it.

I don’t even get why Christina says that I’m bullying her. She’s bullying me! She’s telling me things that I’ve never heard of in my life and doing things that I’ve never seen before.

I don’t regret doing the show. I’m heavily edited and I don’t care.

I have values. I think that once you become a mom, you really have to change your life. You have to be an example to your children who are going to be there in a time where you’re not. I want them to represent me and my family.

Apart from Mia, you’ll also see little snippets of Hannah. My husband didn’t want to appear. The legitimacy of the cast was really concerning for him. I’m a bit shocked that no one else belongs to country clubs. No one belongs to any private schools. Ronnie is the only other legitimate person in the group.

We had originally thought that we were going on the show with a group of prestigious people because that’s what the brand is supposed to be – and I had only seen the Beverly Hills show. So, I thought I was going to be inculcated with lovely women…it was a bit difficult, but we’ve survived it! It’s been a lovely experience.

This is great exposure for my charity, Larry Lunch Bucket. We feed the homeless, mentally ill and impoverished in Downtown Eastside’s Oppenheimer Park. It really stretches your soul. We’re waiting for the government to give us our PAC number so we can start taking donations. So far, I’ve donated all the proceeds, about $50-60,000 in the past nine months. There are so many people that are hungry. About 3,9000 are homeless in that area. I come from one of the wealthiest postal codes and I want to feed these people.

The Real Housewives of Vancouver airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Slice.

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4 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of Vancouver Cast Blog: Jody Claman

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  2. Well, I wasn’t sure whether to comment on this but here I go! Jody, I admire that you have worked hard to achieve your financial status, your wonderful lifestyle and have chosen to share it with your daughter and family. There’s lots of great things to say here about you, but I disagree with how you’ve handled yourself, at least so far. You do pick on Christina and contradict yourself by saying you dont care what other people do because you said you felt the need to take Christina under your Wing. She’s on the same show you are and whether you like it or not she’s got money too (regardless of how- although prostitution is the oldest profession in the world!), and she is 30 as you’ve pointed out several times. Whether she acts like a royalty or a party girl, it doesn’t concern you or need your opinion. Think of it like a deep dark secret and live by your own words and take it to the grave. You’re mean. And you seem to feel entitled to belittling other people (I.e Christina and Mary) in what you claim as a way of helping them. It’s disgusting and far from classy. Focus on your charity, and all those hungry mouths and maybe yours will stay shut long enough not to offend anyone else.

  3. i like how you think you cant judge people, but on the show thats exactly what you do. you bitch at Christina, while lets face it, it really isnt any of your business what she does or how she acts. Yet your own idiot daughter plans on skipping out to go to europe? seriously, if anyone needs therapy its you. you give Canadian women a bad name, and im enbarassed that you are representing us. Learn to mother your own kids, leave Christina and Mary alone, and find something else to do to occupy your time. You look like an idiot telling Mary to get therapy and you look like a total bitch when you consistently talk about Christina.

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  5. What a trainwreck and a discrace on Canadians!!! Drama, backtalk, and fake hair among other things!!! Too bad money can’t buy you personality and real frienships! I am not usually motivated to comment on silly t.v. shows but come on! Jody is an absolute fake. Maybe she needs a therapist. . . .

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  8. Jodi is totally judgmental, and it’s obvious she’s jealous of Christina as she’s always looking to pick a fight/find fault with Christina.

    I find it ironic that Jodi is also the worst dressed woman out of all them especially since she has a clothing shop. It really goes to show that money can not buy good taste nor manners, as Jodi keeps relentlessly proving to us!

  9. Wow you have definetely built an incredible business, I’m not sure where your foundness for Ronnie comes, as clearly she is a ragging alcoholic, which is apparent to 99% of viewers. Not to mention a mean one at that. Thanks to her husband she is well off, because clearly she has zero business sense, as we learned last night.

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  11. Jody u r the nastiest ignorant rude bitch I’ve ever seen on TV and ur daughter is not far behind. Its obvious u want to take Marys place as Ronnies frIend and your actions are disgusting. You give Canadian women a bad name and I personally think this show would be more watcable if u were not on it.

  12. Jody talks about being a good mom, but look how she lets her daughter act! Mary was totally right, you are showing ur daughter it is ok to act like a psycho bitch. Not judgmental? What a laugh, she casts more judgement then anyone else on the show! And always attacking mary for showing her body, that is clearly burning jealousy. Let’s see what she looks like under all that fur, saggy and gross I’m guessing. Saw mary in a bikini, OMG she looks amazing. Eat it Jody, you suck.

  13. Jodi = Mean BULLY!! Disgusting behaviours Jodi! What a way to role model for your children, look at your daughter. Disgraceful, my goodness!! You are an embarrasment to Canada. Please do not return next yeaar……. You are just so mean and you and you alone will bring your own business to the ground. Who would ever want to shop in your store. Ha! Ha! And you claim to call yourself a business women…… What a joke!!!

  14. Jody, you are dispicable to watch and I believe the show would be way more enjoyable to watch with your absence. You are the only one who is dilussional and fake. Your daughter is a retchid bitch just like her mother. You are just jealous of Mary’s fabulous 50 something body and that is why you put her down about it. You wish u looked like that. I hope the other women see the true you and push you out of the group and show. Karma is bitch and I hope you get yours sooner than later. I cannot believe that at your age, you are such a bully. Grow up.

  15. I think that Jody is the WORST excuse for a human being I have ever seen on a show! Constantly chastising other woman for manners and “inappropriateness” when she has NO manners and is always inappropriate! She is such a HUGE bitch, she makes me not want to watch the show at all. She speaks of legitimit people being on the show when she shows no class what so ever. She is such a classless bitch. Money can’t buy you class and she is a prime example!


    It was never my intention to give Real Housewives of Vancouver any publicity plug! Unfortunately, I couldn’t resist the impulse to blog.

    I also understand how the entertainment business works…where there’s DRAMA, people will follow. Slice’s producers are well versed in that aspect! It’s all about ratings and wheeling in a prospective audience.

    But the bizarro antics of the cast, is giving our fair city of Vancouver, a PUTRID REPUTATION. Real housewives do not behave in such an absurd and ostentatious manner. Not in my neck of the city, unless they’re desperate attention seekers or not getting enough at home. Notice that their husbands are conspicuously absent from the picture.

    All their bitchiness, cattiness, evilness, obnoxiousness, outlandishness, pretentiousness, ugliness, vainglorious, vindictiveness, wackiness, and petty jealousies, are not positive traits to possess.

    With these women’s bank accounts; we should surmise that all their business endeavors would be flowing flawlessly, not so. Money does not equal brains or business savvy. You can add gullibility and naivety in the business sense to the list.

    In regards to the cast…

    Christina appears to be doing the show for entertainment value and guilty pleasure. She comes across as the more sane of the women, and plays the part of a semi-likeable over thirty-something gold digger. She actually looks like she would be fun to hang around. Possibly a stand up gal, but I don’t do Botox.

    Jody, aka “The Rottweiller” needs to muzzle herself and her yappie wing-nut daughter. They’re giving Jewish women appallingly negative publicity.

    If she cannot handle concrete criticism or individuals critiquing her West Vancouver boutique, she literally has no business owning one. Cruella de Van – it’s called feedback and restaurants get it all the time. Some good, some bad, get used to it! Jody’s suit against Mary, may cost her some clientele in the long run. Classless way of gaining PR for her business, even if it is negative ballyhoo.

    Jody has zero fashion sense, so how can you take the pathetic dear seriously. A 50-year-old woman hiding behind her rudiculous hair extensions and saucer sized sunglasses. Need I say more. Her eccentric and outré outfits are not fashion statements but personal style gone amok.

    In reference to your comment wanting “to get Mary in a cubicle and stick her head in the toilet,” you cannot lie on camera without getting caught. I’m surprised she hasn’t had someone dunk her ugly mop top in the potty. Ronnie, the only cast member with actual balls, could add that one to her bucket list.

    Mary was bang-on: Jody’s clothing inventory does look like second-hand rags. Appropriate attire for scaring people on Halloween. Seriously, who really cares if she sells fake second-hand duds or not.

    On the bright side she does charitable work in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, her only redeemable quality.

    Mary seems to be the victimized woman and running with a sadistic crowd. She needs to get out before its too late and they eat her alive. She should seriously think about finding a new group of girlfriends, that aren’t certifiable.

    I commend her for raising awareness for tuberous sclerosis, her son suffers from the disease. Must be difficult.

    Dump the negative karma, those offensive social misfits, masquerading as real friends. Christina and Mary should start their own campaign: “Stop Inhumane Cruelty/Treatment to the Underdog Housewives of Vancouver.”

    Reiko, with her stable full of fancy cars could feed a large portion of starving people in Africa.

    Jay Leno has a more extensive collection of automobiles that leaves yours in the dust. I don’t see him bragging. Over the top bragging rights can be viewed as a vulgar slant on being rich.

    It’s branded all over the internet, she’s married to a notorious gangster and drug money bank rolled her lavish lifestyle.

    Vancouver is an extremely beautiful city and melting pot of cultural diversity. It should be a safe haven to raise families free of crime or corruption. The public doesn’t want to hear that a person’s ill gotten gains may have been funded by drug money or possibly illicit sources.

    Obviously, the Slice network didn’t do their research/homework properly in the screening process or turned a blind eye. Yes, 20 years has transpired but skeletons come out of the closet when you’re in the public eye, big time.

    Ronnie, although she may have some admirable friendship qualities, is work in progress. She could benefit from reigning in her in-your-face competitiveness, and bullying tactics especially when drinking in public.

    I think deep down there is probably a good person lurking inside, but I don’t feel she’s done with rehab. I’m not referring to the new label of her wine. I may be interested in partaking in a bottle of Rehab with my real good friends down the road; if it ever comes to fruition.

    I wonder how the copyright lawsuit for Rehab is going? Monster Energy Drinks has rights to the name. Small tip, study Business 101 and review the part on copyright, domains, and trademarks before proceeding with any venture.

    And Ronnie clean up or pay for the damn balls being hit into the ocean. You need to take responsibility for your own tennis court. Environmentally polluting is unacceptable and totally uncouth, as one blogger mentioned in her post.

    Wondering if any of these selfish women have given any real thought to the fall out or negative impact of Reality TV on their families especially the kids. Some of them may be too young, but eventually they will read about their moms down the road and it won’t be all favorable.

    Reality TV is hit or miss. Viewers either love it or hate it. Time will tell if Slice hit another one out of the ballpark. There is only so much repetitive inconsequential crap, you want to be subjected to or watch. Reality TV Housewives programming has been done to death. Maybe it’s time to pull the plug, heaven forbid mix things up a bit for the viewers.

    Where the Real Housewives of Vancouver are concerned, it’s painfully hard to watch women flaunting money and being so miserable towards each other.

    With all the grandiose problems in this world…these small minded women need to get their acts together! Oh wait, it makes for mindless entertainment to see train-wrecks derail and Slice is all over that!


      Slice producers or Lark productions were questioned if they were privy to Sun MacKenzie’s criminal history and court appearances, prior to the show airing or casting Reiko for RHOV.

      At first they skirted the issue, hoping it might disappear. Finally they released a statement that was suppose to appease the general public; “Casting on the Real Housewives of Vancouver is a rigorous and thorough process.”

      Apparently, Lark’s lengthy questionnaire asks about arrests, pending litigation, and any information that may embarrass the program producers, cable network or affiliates . When Reiko filled out the question about her husband’s occupation, she wrote: “soft spoken venture capitalist.”

      Public consensus thinks Reiko’s husband’s past criminal dealings are indeed relevant today, regardless if they happened 20 years ago. One’s history of illegal activities will always come back to bite them in the ass, sooner or later!

      The headlines are splashed all over the media, and dwelling comfortably in cyber world. It became front page news revisited, when Reiko became a cast member.

      Vancouver is an extremely beautiful city and melting pot of cultural diversity. It should be a safe haven to raise families free of crime or corruption. The public doesn’t want to hear that a person’s ill gotten gains were funded by drug money or other illicit sources. Especially, in lieu of gang turf wars and shootings running rampant all over the lower mainland.

      The Slice network didn’t do their research/homework effectively during the screening process or turned a blind eye.
      They ignored and bypassed public opinion in favor of fast-tracking RHOV. This may/may not cost them some of their viewers.

      As for Jody and her wing-nut daughter, the more the two ignoramuses open up their mouths; the more they dig themselves into a proverbial hole of distaste. Her constant negative chirping, with her mindless daughter in tow, has become extremely

      Christina’s timely deflection to Mia spending the night and leaving her panties behind, was a great diversion. Totally threw Jody, the judgemental witch for a loop. When in doubt rattle your opponent with unexpected details, works like a charm.

      Her incessant rants about her high end goods not being second hand or fake, lead me to believe something is fishy. How is she able to carry the Hermes label as Ronnie mentioned.

      According to Ronnie, Jody’s mother was not Jewish, so technically she’s not either. Also, it was Ronnie that referred to Jody’s boutique as second hand, not Mary. That hefty ‘merchant fee’ of $2,000 she charged Reiko was the real kicker! Who does that to a friend?

      Unbelievably CRASS business sense on Jody’s part, that I hope costs her clientele in the end. As for myself and close friends; we would not spend a single dime in her store or promote any of her business endeavors.

      Ronnie is a real shit disturber! Her friendship loyalties seem non existent. She hasn’t totally recovered from her battle with the bottle and comes across as a whack-job, in need of another stint in rehab.

      Wonder how the copyright lawsuit is going with her trying to use the name Rehab? Monster Energy Drinks is all over that! That’s where a crash course in Business 101; copyright, domains, trademarks etc, would have come in handy.

      The only aspect of the show I actually enjoy watching, are the beautiful location shots filmed in and around Vancouver.

  17. i don’t believe ronnie “has balls”. she’s only a mean, jealous drunk. she was too scared to clear mary’s name after they made up by telling jody no negative remarks were made about her not being jewish.

    and jody, you need to take a long, awfully hard look at yourself. your behavior is heinous, and your intent to bully is transparent. what is less apparent is how any woman, especially one of your age, fails to let so much bitter jealousy not get the best of her. i only wish that this horrible exterior were not a mask for someone suffering in a brutal misery, but that cannot be possible. to be as unhappy as your behavior is indicating, it’s honestly upsetting to imagine, and i’m somewhat reluctant to reprimand you, because it’s such a sad case. you are full of backhanded compliments, but i am not at all facetious when i say i truly wish you better days.

  18. You are actually THEEEE biggest bully that I know. You are disgusting and pathetic. You are an evil person. What goes around comes around. EVIL.

  19. Jody,
    You are a hypocrite and obviously brag about how hard you work for your accomplishments…. Too bad you couldn’t get an education first because you can’t even understand the the 4% that Amex charges ” business owners” for each transaction! And by the way , vintage bags have obviously been used!!!! Idiot

  20. Jody needs to stop manipulating all the girls. She has a crazy view of how things happen and says to watch the show but when the time comes she will look like an idiot. Why dont the producers show the footage on tape to prove she really it full of shit

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